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Nada Surf at Metro, March 13

It's always a bit of a bummer when one of your favorite bands shifts into nostalgia mode, but that's where the money is and, let's face it, nobody's getting rich from people streaming their new albums, but what better reason does one need to escape from Trumplandia/The Voice for a night and revisit those halcyon Dubya/Dawson's Creek days.

Oh, if its suddenly dawning on you that the early naughts were shitty too, you are not alone, but that's when we remember that out of turmoil and strife comes music that we embrace like a flotation device in rocky seas. That's what the band's "Inside Of Love" was for anyone who was aching for a song to describe exactly what they were going through. Even though everyone's story was different, Matthew Caws' genius is in his ability to capture the more esoteric universal nuances of life and love and serve it up in a manner that triggers hipsters to get in touch with their feels. Yes, we're going.

Clan of Xymox at Bottom Lounge, March 17

Seemingly ageless goth band Clan of Xymox (or Xymox, depending on which albums you have) return to the Windy City in support of their latest offering Days of Black, which picks up where the band's late '80s heyday left off.

In the two decades since, the band has remained active, joining the Metropolis roster in 1999 and unleashing a string of nine full-length releases that have established them as old school leaders of the increasingly popular "darkwave" sub-genre.

The Darkness at Park West, April 11

It's hard to believe that a band as balls-to-the-wall as The Darkness ever contemplated hanging it up, but such was the case in the wake of the band's initial success. Thankfully, singer Justin Hawkins got his head together, got the band back together, and they've been firing on all cylinders ever since. In a perfect world, we'd all have to trudge out to the Allstate Arena to catch a band this awesome, but, as the fates would have it, we get to see 'em at Park West instead. Hell yes!

Smoking Popes at Bottom Lounge, May 11 and 12
That ageless, timeless pop punk band that scored a hit with "Need You Around" in 1995 before releasing the self-fulfilling prophesy that was Destination Failure and breaking up for seven years. Since 2006, the band has been going at it full-time like it was still 1995, but its been seven eyars since their last studio record, hint, hint.

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